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13:00-13:10: Opening remarks

13:30-14:30: Hand cutting Ham. A practical lesson.  

A reputed expert Donato Díez will teach a hands-on lesson on the art of hand cutting Spanish ham for proper service.


Donato Díez. Ibérico Tapas&Vino Chef.  A 34-year-old from Madrid (Spain), he has been based in Vietnam for six years. Trained at the prestigious Les Roches School of Hotel Management, he has had the opportunity to live in places as diverse as Canada, China, French Polynesia, Belgium or Costa Rica, which has allowed him to be in kitchens as diverse as Soho House, Sheraton, Intercontinental or Marriott, before co-founding the restaurants Kiba and Ibérico Tapas&Vino, which has two locations certified by "Restaurants from Spain".

14:45-15:45: Olive oil: Beyond Salads

A demonstration from Sergio Nieto on how to use olive oil in traditional sauces such as alioli, chimichurri, tapenade and mojo, as well as traditional cold soups: gazpacho, ajoblanco, or salmorejo

Advantages of Olive Oil as food preservative in the kitchen: Storing Cheese in Olive oil, vegetables, fish. 

An exhibition and tasting of infused and aromatized olive oils: Rosemary, Garlic, Chili, Lemon, Pepper


 Sergio Nieto. OLA Beach Club – SOL Meliá Phu Quoc Executive Chef. Mr. Sergio holds a diploma from Toledo's Higher School of Culinary and Hospitality (Spain). He has had the opportunity to train and work with many great chefs in Spain, such as Martin Berasategui, 12 Michelin stars and Juan Pablo Felipe 1 Michelin. In his previous role, Chef Sergio served as Executive Chef of the famous José Luis Group in Spain before coming to Vietnam in 2019. With a love for the beautiful S-shaped strip of land and a desire to share the rich and varied Spanish cuisine and culture, he decided to work as Executive Chef at a famous Spanish restaurant, Tomatito Saigon - Tapas Bar, in Ho Chi Minh City. Nowadays, he is bringing a modern, creative cuisine witth fresh colors , quintessential flavors from unique Spanish dishes at Ola Beach Club restaurant, only Spanish restaurant awarded with the certificate “Restaurants from Spain”. 

16:00-17:00 Spanish Food and Pairing masterclass

Alfredo de la Casa will lead through Spanish wine pairing possibilities to the products exhibited in the event (canned seafood, meat, cold cuts, snacks, chocolate and confectionary…)


Alfredo de la Casa – So Sexy Wines Executive Director.

Alfredo de la Casa (1970 - ) was born in London, England, to Spanish immigrant parents. He started living in Vietnam combining lecturing at University with writing for the top lifestyle magazines, specializing in culture, hospitality and wine. His knowledge of wine led him to start organizing wine tastings and publishing educating books of wine for the Vietnamese consumer. He started his own company in 2015, specialized in importing and distributing Spanish wine. His current portfolio includes more than 50 brands, and is regarded as the leading expert of Spanish wine in Vietnam.