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October 5th

This first event will be held on the 5th at 12:00, led by a Croatian expert, Dr. sc. Mirella Žanetić from the Institute for Adriatic Crops and Karst Reclamation, and will be attended by managers from hotel chains and restaurants, chefs, gourmet food chains and importers, and trade media.

  • Spanish Food Products Tasting

The second event, to be held on the 5th during the afternoon at 13:30, is a food product tasting, along with a cooking demo by the chef Adur Arrieta Picabea. It will be attended by procurement managers from hotel chains and restaurants, chefs, gourmet food chains, importers specializing in food products and trade media.

  • Spanish Wines Tasting

The third event, also to be held on the 5th in the afternoon at 17:30, is a wine tasting led by renowned Croatian sommeliers Siniša Koceić and Alen Gulan and attended by chefs and managers from restaurants and hotels, sommeliers and food and wine importers.

  • Gala Dinner

The last event to take place on the 5th in the evening is a dinner prepared by the Spanish chef Adur Arrieta Picabea and by the Croatian Ivica Katić and paired with some of the Spanish food and wines that have been tasted in the previous event. It will be hosted at Hotel Ambasador and attended by importers, distributors and the Croatian trade media.


October 6th

  • Spanish Wines Tasting

At 10:00 the 6th of October there will be another wine tasting led by Siniša Koceić and Alen Gulan at Aspira University College.

  • Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting

Additionally, during the morning of October 6th, Aspira University College in Split will host an extra virgin olive oil presentation by Dr. sc. Mirella Žanetić at 12:00.

Siniša Koceić, sommelier, finishing 2º course in the Croatia Sommelier Club, wine consultant, has worked in some of the most important croatian wine companies such as Badel 1862, Belje d.d, Agrokor vina and Miva Mohor. Alen Gulan, WSET 2, sommelier, finishing first course in the Croatia Sommelier Club, wine consultant, has worked in important croatian wine companies like Velpro and Acrobat.

Dr. Mirella Žanetić works as a researcher at the Institute for Adriatic Cultures in Split, Croatia, where she is panel leader of the Institute's VOO professional panel group for sensory analyses of virgin olive oil.

Dr. sc. Žanetić has more than 20 years' experience in sensory analysis of VOO and regularly participates as a panel member for national and international competitions such as NYIOOC, Sol d’Oro and EVO IOOC, as well as conducting seminars/workshops on quality improvement and guided VOO tasting for olive growers and consumers. Dr. sc. Žanetić also works at the University of Split as assistant professor at the Faculty of Mediterranean agriculture.

Chef Adur Arrieta Picabea. His enthusiasm for gastronomy arose very early as the love for cooking runs in his family. A grill specialist and passionate about mixing worldwide concepts with Spanish ingredients.

He studied in one of the most prestigious cooking schools "Luis Irizar cooking school", in San Sebastián, a referent in the world of gastronomy. After his master's degree he traveled and worked all around the world gaining experience at restaurants such as the 2 Michelin star restaurant Mugaritz, the 2 Michelin star restaurant D.O.M in Sao Paulo or the famous restaurant AMALUR in Ibiza. After all the experience gained by working in different restaurants and on his adventures around the world, he decided to start his own project and opened Tatapas Gastroteka in 2019 in Hondarribia.