Oct 04 2021

González Byass Prepares for Production of its First Organic Wine

This move reflects its commitment to sustainability, which is part of its ambitious Caring for the Planet program

González Byass has a new sherry wine in the works and the company is going organic. The world-famous winemaker is making its very first organic wine, using Palomino Fino grapes from a vineyard called Viña Dulce Nombre in Jerez DO’s Pago de Carrascal.


This project originally began in 2017, and over the last three years the winemaker has worked diligently in accordance with organic guidelines, implementing a process that aims to protect the essence of sherry wine, the chalky Albariza soil, and the terroir. But González Byass has gone above and beyond, planting aromatic plants in the vineyard (rosemary, thyme and lavender), installing insect hotels with a view to boosting the biodiversity, and closely monitoring the grapes to stave off disease.

Viña Dulce Pago de Carrascal in Sherry

The company’s foray into organic sherry is a testament to its commitment to sustainability, which is part of its 5+5 Caring for the Planet plan, through which it reuses water, sources green energy, uses sustainable agriculture techniques, uses reusable packaging materials, works with sustainable suppliers, and replants indigenous tree species. They’re also dedicated to sustainable development goals that revolve specifically around protecting the land, like reversing land degradation and stopping biodiversity loss.