Mar 22 2021 18:00 - 19:30 h

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ICEX/Foods and Wines from Spain in Italy is organizing this year, in cooperation with National Organization of Cheese Tasters-O.N.A.F., a virtual tasting exclusively for participants from italian specialized trade and gastronomy. It’s a sensible and attractive alternative to the physical tastings, which unfortunately have to be cancelled due to the pandemic. Master Taster Simonetta Cortella will lead all participants on an entertaining virtual 10 Spanish cheese journey on Monday 22 March 2021. Participants will receive all cheeses at home. Enjoy the presentation!

The tremendous variety of Spanish cheeses stems from Spain’s geographical and climatic diversity. They are made from the milk of cows, ewes and goats, as well as different blend of these, and in most case the milk is obtained from native breeds. Coagulation may be by enzymes, lactic acid or mixed, and cheeses may be round or square, of different sizes and with rinds of different colors – often engraved and sometimes smoked, rubbed with oil or flavoured with spices. Alongside large-scale industrial production, there are lots of small dairies producing artisan cheeses that retain their authentic characteristics and traditional flavours. 


About 90 minutes for presentation and tasting of the cheeses + questions & answers. 




Torta de la Serena Exttreme 10 - Queso de la Serena





Parra Jiménez cured organic cheese - Manchego


Don Merendon


Maxorata cured cheese paprika coated - Majorero


Grupo Ganaderos de Fuerteventura


Ibérico cured cheese from raw milk


Industrias Lácteas San Vicente


Cured goats’ cheese - Camerano


Lácteos Martínez


Massimo del Rey Silo cheese


Madera López Ernesto


Goats’ cheese Tunel with vegetable carbon ashes


Quesería de la Sierra Subbética


Murcian red wine cheese - Murcia al Vino


Quesería Lafuente


“Ntra. Fuentes” semicured cheese - Manchego


Quesos Artesanos Villarejo


Javier Campo blue cheese  - Picón Bejes-Tresviso


Santander Delicatessen Consortium


To make our journey among the cheeses of Spain even tastier, three products that are usually consumed on these occasions will enrich our tasting as patrons: membrillo, traditional picos and mineral water. Here is their detail:




Membrillo, a quince jam


Yemas de Santa Teresa

Gluten free picos

Sinblat Alimentación Saludable

“Goddess of Water” natural water

The Brand Company

Spanish cheese tasting book (click the image below)

Quaderno di degustazione dei formaggi di Spagna 2021

Spanish cheese map.


Spanish cheese
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