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Oct 23 2023 18:30 - 21:30 h


The Economic and Commercial Office of Spain in Milan organizes a wine tasting for professionals and experts in the sector interested in the Spanish wines, whose theme will revolve around the single-varietal Spanish Garnacha wines. The purpose of the activity is to broadcast the diversity of the wines made with this grape in the different wine-growing regions of Spain.

The tasting, which will take place on October 26, 2023, at the Ristorante Señorío, will be led by the expert in Spanish wines from the Italian Federation of Sommeliers for Hotels and Restaurants (FISAR), Remo de Fabritiis. The activity will accommodate 25 professionals and during it, 12 wines from different wineries and regions of Spain will be tasted.

Registration of participants is compulsory and will be available from 1st October.

Pla dels Àngels Scala Dei Priorat
Nebla Garnacha de Altitud Vicente Gandía Utiel-Requena
Honoro Vera Garnacha Ateca Calatayud
Le Naturel Aroa Navarra
Laus Garnacha Tinta Laus Somontano
Garnacha Pago Casa Gran Pago Casa Gran Valencia
La Fosca del Priorat Proyecto Garnachas Priorat
Atteca Ateca Calatayud
Finca La Personal Edetària Terra Alta
Senda ECO Las Moradas de San Martín Madrid
Initio ECO Las Moradas de San Martín Madrid
Límite Sur Ramón Bilbao Rioja

Originally from Aragon, Garnacha is one of the most widely planted red grapes in the world and the third most widely planted in Spain. This is mainly due to its great adaptability in environments with extreme temperatures and poor soils, characteristics that led the Crown of Aragon to export it to various countries from the 12th century, including Italy. It was there where the variety known as Cannonau, characteristic of Sardinia, would emerge.

Nowadays, Garnacha is also cultivated in countries such as France, Italy, and Australia, among others, enjoying international prestige thanks to the single-varietal wines made with it. These are characterized by their fruity flavor, soft tannins, and relatively high alcohol content. Within this grape variety, there are different types, the most popular being the red Garnacha, followed by the hairy Garnacha, the white, and the tintorera. Today it is the most important grape variety in many wine regions of the Ebro Valley (Rioja, Navarre, Aragon, Catalonia) or central Spain.

Remo de Fabritiis


Remo is a certified sommelier and wine trainer accredited by the Milan headquarters of the Italian Federation of Sommeliers for Hotels and Restaurants (FISAR). Remo has already been a speaker on Spanish wines (cava, white and red wines from Spain) and Chilean wines (in collaboration with Prochile) and has conducted tastings in collaboration with Italian regulatory councils (Abruzzo, Brunello di Montalcino, Bolgheri), trade fairs (Tutto Food), and wineries such as Ca' del Bosco.

In addition to his sommelier training, Remo holds the WSET 3 titles, Certified Spanish Wine Educator (ICEX 2023), Spanish Wine Specialist (ICEX 2022), and is an educator for wines from Rioja and Champagne. As for languages, Italian is his native language, and he also has language skills at a C1 level in English and Spanish and an A1 level in Chinese.

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