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The Economic and Commercial Office of the Spanish Embassy in Guatemala is organizing on November 30th a wine tasting event with wines from Toro’s Designation of Origin (DO). The event will be held at the Spanish Ambassador’s Residence, where the most important wine importers and distributors of the country will have the chance to taste a carefully selected sample of Toro’s CO wines served with different Spanish tapas.

The wine cellars and wines which will be participating in this wine tasting event are:

Campo Eliseo Tinto 2017 Bodega Burdigala
Liberalia Cuatro 2014 Bodega Liberalia Enológica
Moisés Gran Vino 2013 Bodega Moisés Gran Vino
Cañus Verus 2018 Bodegas Covitoro
Descarte 2015 Bodegas Elías Mora
Fariña Lágrima 2018 Bodegas Fariña
Castillo Monte La Reina Crianza 2018 Bodegas Monte La Reina
Orot Roble 2019 Bodegas Orot
Marqués De Peñamonte Colección Privada 2019 Bodegas Torreduero
San Román 2018 San Román Bodegas y Viñedos

This event is the 9th wine tasting event organized by the Economic and Commercial Office of the Spanish Embassy in Guatemala, and continues with the presentation of other well-known Spanish COs such as BierzoCampo de BorjaCavaJerezRibera del DueroRias BaixasRioja and Rueda. These events have contributed to the introduction and promotion of Spanish wines inside Guatemala, where they have become the most imported wines together with Chilean wines.

Despite the fact that the Toro’s CO wasn’t recognized until 1987, it has a longstanding tradition. In fact, Toro wines accompanied Cristobal Colon on his first journey to the American continent, and they can be considered as the first Spanish wines to arrive to America. But their origin date back further than the roman settlements in the region of Zamora and Valladolid, where the 63 wine cellars with Toro’s CO are located.

Do Toro

The region has a vineyard surface of 5.851 ha, which belongs to 981 different viticulturists. The grape predominantly used for the production of this wine is known as Tinta de Toro, of whose origins there is almost none information. Other varieties of grape that are also used are Garnacha Tinta, Verdejo, Malvasía Castellana, Albillo Real and Moscatel de Grano Menudo.

Currently, almost 40% of the Toro’s CO wines are sold abroad; and, although their presence in Central America is still limited, they have great potential. That is exactly why holding wine tasting events is crucial for importers of countries like Guatemala to discover the excellence and quality of the Spanish wines.

There is more information about the Guatemalan wine market that can be accessed through the following link.

As part of the safety measures of the event, the number of participants has been limited and the attendance will be exclusively through invitation.



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