Dec 28 2022

New Innovative Education Program to Offer 3 Spanish Wine Courses in China

Chinese wine lovers can study to become a Spanish Wine Specialist, a Spanish Wine Epicurean, or a Spanish Wine Trader.

Wine lovers in China with a special passion for Spanish wine in particular are in luck. A new, innovative educational program will offer locals the opportunity to receive formal training to officially become Spanish wine experts. The goal with this project is to raise the profile of Spanish wine and gastronomy around the world.

The program, jointly organized by ICEX and the Interprofesional del Vino de España (OIVE), will be given online and in Mandarin, which opens up the possibility to considerably more people. There will be three types of courses in total as well as a wide range of activities offered to showcase and teach students about Spanish wine’s diversity.

A woman tasting wine at the Madrid FusiÛn Exhibition 2007 to celebrate 25 years of the promotion of quality Spanish wines by the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade

The first course is to become a Spanish Wine Specialist, and will be given by Chinese experts with extensive knowledge about Spain’s wines and the winemaking industry. Students will participate in tastings and learn about the different grapes and wine regions in Spain.

The second course is to become a Spanish Wine Epicurean. It is specific to restaurateurs, key opinion leaders in China, and procurement managers at specialized shops. They will also learn about Spain’s extensive wine map and grape varieties as well as the unique features of the Spanish wine sector.

The third course is to become a Spanish Wine Trader, which will take a closer look at the main characteristics of Spanish wines that make them unique in the world.

In all three courses, Spanish wines will be tasted alongside food products from Spain as a way to also highlight the country’s spectacular culinary repertoire.