Jul 01 2022

Rias Baixas DO wine exports to North America grew by 33% in value

Consumers in the US and Canada are showing a clear preference for white, Albariño style wines and premium bottles

Recent sales for the US and Canada were very positive for Rias Baixas DO. Specifically, for the 2021 calendar year, exports to US increased by an impressive 20% in terms of volume and 33% in terms of value.

Breaking down these results to understand preferences, it’s clear that consumers in the US are fond of Albariño-style wines, which represents a classic white wine style. Indubitably, these wines are on par with white wines from the Loire Valley and Sauvignon Blancs from New Zealand.

It’s also worth noting that the total dollar-based sales value for the US wine sector at the end of 2021 was between 0% and 2%, much lower than the growth exhibited by Rias Baixas.

Rias Baixas wines

One trend to keep an eye on is consumer preference for premium wines, as is reflected in the growth of Albariño sales. These wines retail for anywhere from $15 to $20. This far outstrips the overall wine sector, which reported growth of 20% in 2021.
Rias Baixas DO is a small wine-growing area in the region of Galicia, in northwest Spain. The region is made of up micro-plots of vines and the region’s native grape is Albariño.

Rias Baixas sales increase in US