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News | Oct 22 2018

Almería Named Spanish Capital of Gastronomy for 2019

Almería has been chosen for its “exceptional culinary offer,” which includes canned products, items from the sea, and charcuterie, among others


There’s a new Spanish Capital of Gastronomy for 2019, and it’s Almería. The southern city was chosen for many reasons, among them its “unique and exceptional culinary offer that combines land and sea,” according to diariodegastronomia.com. It was recognized for its extensive fish selection, from octopus to squid to sardines; its canned specialties, such as mackerel and tuna; and its charcuterie, cheese and many other delectable products.

The panel of judges that chose Almería also highlighted the city’s incredible position as a “garden capable of supplying all of Europe, where water is the mighty treasure that has created a way of life.” To better understand the extent to which foods from Almería reach consumers, it’s worth noting that one in every three families in Europe regularly consume the city’s products. Moreover, producers are firmly committed to using technology that is compatible with environmental sustainability.

Holding this prestigious title implies a busy year for the city, and more than 300 gastronomic activities are already planned. This, in turn, will help stimulate gastronomic tourism to the city and to Spain. All of the cities that have participated in this program have seen visitor numbers increase, while their foodservice sectors have registered a boost in revenues. Moreover, being named a Capital of Gastronomy helps put the cities on the map, given the considerable publicity that comes along with the honor.

Almería Named Spanish Capital of Gastronomy for 2019

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