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Delicious Fusion

David Muñoz

Young, groundbreaking, a creative risk-taker. These are just some of the adjectives used by the specialist press and critics to describe David Muñoz since 2007, when the Madrid-born chef's work began to be known. Quite unintentionally and almost unwillingly, the food served by David Muñoz in the tiny DiverXO restaurant became an overnight gourmet sensation, a wave on which all fans of good food wanted to ride to experience a type of cooking that was relatively rare in Madrid.

In that first DiverXO (a new premises opened in 2009, with more kitchen space but the same small number of tables, seating a maximum of 30 people) David and his team made it crystal clear what they would be serving their customers. They produced food that was intrepid, original, fun, surprising and definitively global, a product of may influences, ranging from Spanish tradition through to Nordic fusion and the ever-intriguing flavor of Eastern cooking.

David Muñoz's passion for cooking emerged when he was still a boy and his parents used to take him occasionally to the Madrid restaurant Viridiana, run by Abraham García. David soon became fascinated by Abraham himself, a cook whose professional output reflects many of his personal interests, including travel, literature and art.

Those visits to Viridiana led David to go to catering college, where he began his academic training. He combined his studies with a deep love of independent learning (he devoured books by master chefs) and professional experience in Spain (in the restaurants Balzac and Viridiana) and abroad, where he had the chance to absorb foreign influences. He lived in London for years, working in top restaurants such as Nobu.

Back in Madrid, David decided to open his own business, but never imagined that it would become a temple of gourmet pilgrimage: DiverXO. He serves three tasting menus, according to how much time the customer has on their hands, attracting people who are always willing to find, experiment and try out new culinary sensations: a fusion of Mediterranean and Chinese cooking with brushstrokes of Japanese.

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