Oct 21 2019

Infographics: What does Catalonia taste like?

Charcuterie, extra virgin olive oils, almonds and other nuts, wine and cava... Catalonia's range of gourmet products is a never-ending source of flavor and quality.

Flavors from Catalonia. Infographics.

Catalonia, in the northeastern part of the Iberian Peninsula, sharing a border with France and on the banks of the Mediterranean Sea, is the region of Spain with the most Michelin stars. However, its true culinary treasure is found in its markets and agri-food sector, which grows and produces true gems in accordance with strict quality regulations.

In terms of fresh produce, Catalonia is home to foods that are protected by European quality seals, such as Lleida pears and Girona apples. One of the region's top products is its extra virgin olive oils, which have the following protected designations of origin (PDO): SiuranaLes GarriguesOli de l’EmpordàAceite del Baix Ebre-Montsíà and Terra Alta. All of those designations use autochthonous olives, although the famous Arbequina olive definitely reigns supreme.

Catalonia's charcuterie tradition is also top of the line. What was, in the past, a way of preserving meat products, is a gourmet treasure today, with products like salchichón sausage from Vic and the many types of butifarra sausages in local shops and markets.

Sweet treats like coca bread and turrón (nougat), seafood from the Mediterranean, rice from the Ebro Delta, nuts, and cheese from Alt Urgell and La Cerdanya are other gastronomic souvenirs that will allow you to savor Catalonia wherever you are.




Barcelona (Catalonia)

Barcelona (Catalonia)