Dec 21 2023

Delivering Delicacies: Where to Get the Best Spain’s Food & Wine Online

Gourmet online shopping means it’s never been easier to get hold of specialty products from Spain for the holidays. Check out our handy guide to USA e-tailers with the goods.

One of the big pluses of online shopping is that it makes it easier than ever to get hold of  delicious food and wines that you may not find at your local store - and that includes top quality food and wines from Spain. Here’s our shopping guide to the e-tailers that bring the taste of Spain to your home:, at your fingertips.

Donostia Foods - Inspired by the delicious foods and wines of the Basque Country, this online store offers an array of gourmet canned products, olives, spices and ingredients from all over Spain.

La Tienda - A one-stop shop for all you really need or want, Tienda sources enticing  cured meats, paella kits, seafood, sweets and breads - even kitchenware from Spain. Get your gifts here!

Despaña - This NYC jewel has three  stores. And one is online. So if you don’t live in The Big Apple, you can order delectable  gift boxes with a select bounty from Spain ie, cheeses, honey, crackers, condiments and cookbooks, all from the comfort of your screen..

The Spanish Table - Everything from wines to paella equipment, tapas essentials and even crockery is available, so you can cook and serve in the most authentic taste with your special touch.

La Jamoteca - Yes, you guessed it, these are specialists in jamón and everything pork-related. But La Jamoteca also stocks the most appetizing cheeses, jamones, chorizos and wonderful selection of pantry goods and wines from Spain.

Igourmet Where to treat yourself to  hundreds of products from Spain to choose from, Igourmet will help you stock up on olives, chocolate, jamón, wines and other must-haves gifts and treats.

Decantalo - If you’re looking for a special wine, either to pair with your meal or as a gift, Decantalo has an extensive list of Spanish wines and accessories for the budding sommelier.

PJ WIne - Another NYC-based wine e-tailer, PJ Wine is great for bulk buying online because you get a discount on the case. They have a good selection of crowd-pleasing Spanish wines. - If you like to shop around for the best prices, this wine e-tailer also offers discounts on selected wines, so you may find a bargain or two on Spanish wines if you know what you like.

Mercado Central NY - If you’re feeling nostalgic for Spain, this website is a feast for the eyes, while its complete selection of Spain’s products and wines will captivate your palate too.

While hunting for gourmet products in the markets and colmados of Spain might be more fun, in the meantime, you can find a lot of what you need for a Spanish table this Christmas conveniently on the web.