Jun 09 2023

Torres Launches 2 New Potato Chip Flavors That Pay Homage to Spanish Tapas

The company’s fried egg chips and vinegar chips both authentically recreate two flavors that are deeply ingrained in Spanish gastronomy

Leave it to a Spanish company like Torres to create an innovative new snack! The brand recently released a new line of gourmet potato chips that perfectly capture some of Spanish tapas’ most essential flavors: fried egg and vinegar.

With these new products, Torres is looking to pay homage to Spanish tapas, a longstanding tradition that dates back to king Alfonso X. Today it’s a nationwide custom that has evolved over time and become increasingly innovative as chefs and restaurants aim to create new flavors alongside more traditional ones featuring foods like eggs, colds cuts, and pickled foods.

The chips, which are made with natural aromas and zero allergens and boast a super crunchy texture, have received international recognition. Their fried egg-flavored chips received the Great Taste Award and a Superior Taste Award, and aim to evoke the flavor of eggs, which are so important in Spanish cooking. From Spanish omelet to eggs with ham, egg dishes are deeply rooted in cuisine from Spain and these chips do a great job of authentically replicating their flavor.

Tapas Torres’ vinegar potato chips received a Superior Taste Award in recognition of their flavor, texture, and smell. These intense chips effectively evoke this important Spanish flavor.