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Toro is a historic winemaking area located in the North of Spanish meseta. It is famous because od its rich, ripe and powerful red wines, based on the native Tinta de Toro grape.Toro has made a huge comeback in the last twenty years, after a new generation of trained oenologists began to work there. Its evolution has placed this wine as protagonist of the magma of wine reviews at both national and international levels.

What makes Toro's red wines unusual - and has given them fame since medieval times - is their combination of top-range strength, full fruit, freshness and acidity as well as the ability to age well. Local producers reckon that young wines peak when two years old, Crianzas at five to nine years, Reservas at thirteen years and Gran Reservas at twenty years.

What’s on in Toro?

You can find out on the Toro wine tasting online hosted by Elisa Errea. Elisa is a celebrity in Spanish wine sector. She the founder and director of The Wine Studio, an internationally-awarded Spanish wine school. Elisa Errea is a judge at the Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA). She is also a strategic consultant for wineries as well as a teacher for hundreds of students. She lectures at the Master in Wine Marketing program at the King Juan Carlos University in Madrid.  

The tasting is organized by the Embassy of Spain in Warsaw and Foods&Wines from Spain in collaboration with the DO Toro.

Click on the image below to download the Tasting Handout (PDF):




Bodega Monte La Reina | Castillo de Monte La Reina Verdejo 2020 / 
Importer Willa Win

Vino Monte La Reina Verdejo 2020

Bodega Elías Mora | Viñas Elías Mora 2019 / 
Importer: Caviste La Vinoteque

Viñas Elias Mora 2019

Bodega Rejadorada | Aier 2019 / 
Importer: Festus, Winoland 

Aier 2019

Bodega Rodríguez Sanzo | Las Tierras Garnacha Tinta 2019 / Importer: Pinot

Las Tierras garnacha tinta 2019

Bodega Frontaura | Dominio de Valdelacasa 2018 / Importer: Prosto z Hiszpanii

Dominio de Valdelacasa 2018

Bodegas Fariña | Gran Colegiata 2015 / Importer: M&P Pavlina

Gran Colegiata

 Aquadeus Mineral Water | Aquadeus

Spanish water AquaDeus


Rosquilletas breadsticks | Vicent Pan

Finas Horneados bread sticks

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September 15 2021




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