Spanish Cheese tasting

The tremendous variety of Spanish cheeses stems from Spain’s geographical and climatic diversity. They are made from the milk of cows, ewes, and goats, as well as different blends of these, and in most cases the milk is obtained from native breeds. Coagulation may be by enzymes, lactic acid or mixed, and cheeses may be round or square, of different sizes, and with rinds of different colors – often engraved and sometimes smoked, rubbed with oil or flavored with spices. Alongside large-scale industrial production, there are also small dairies producing artisan cheeses that retain their authentic characteristics and traditional flavors.

ICEX/Foods and Wines from Spain in The Netherlands is organising this year, in cooperation with the Dutch cheese guild (Kaas Gilde), a presentation with a tasting of Spanish cheeses, with the aim of promoting the presence and knowledge of these products in the country.

The event will take place in the Netherlands on October 4 and will consist of a tasting commented by a Dutch expert in the sector, to present the selected Spanish cheeses to a professional audience in the Netherlands (cheese shops and gourmet shops).

The duration will be about 2 hours for the presentation of the cheeses + 20 minutes for questions & answer. After will be a networking season paired with Spanish wines from the Spanish Wine Competition in The Netherlands 2021.

Members of the Cheese Guild are cordially invited to this tasting.

Download Tasting Notes (PDF)

Cheese expert and Grandmaster of the Cheese Guild Wim Tiemessen provides the presentation and guides the tasting of a wide variety of cheeses from different Spanish regions.


Win Tiemessen Cheese Expert

  Guilde Zegel



Win Tiemessen


Who is Wim Tiemessen?

I started in foreign cheese in 1968 in my father's company.

We distributed the products to:
- Cheese shops, deli shops, market dealers, wholesalers and supermarkets.
- From 1973 I gave presentations about our products for our customers.
- In 1986 we sold our company and worked under the name Boering.
- Fulfilled a number of management positions in the field.
- At the time, also buyer for French cheeses.
- Always looked for and found new selling opportunities.
- At the moment I still give workshops on behalf of the Guilde des Maîtres Fromagers in The Netherlands.



Annelies van den Ende




About Annelies van den Ende


“Working in the Cheese business is the most joyful thing there is!”
That seems, because Annelies did cut first piece of cheese at the age of fifteen, at the local supermarket. After this adventure she wanted to work in more specialized food stores.

Eventually she managed her own cheese shop in beautiful The Hague, in the Archipelbuurt neighbourhood, for more than twelve yours on a row.
Nowadays Annelies still likes to advise, and make you enthusiastic about cheese, whether it’s for the Guilde or for her own company where she is specialized in giving cheese courses, organizing big cheese buffets, temporary employment services, furnishing cheese shops… everything about cheese!

Since 2012 Annelies is proud to be member of the Guilde des Maîtres Fromager aux Pays-Bas.



  Tetilla  45% MG


  Teodoro García, SA

  DOP Queso de Tetilla


 Mold Matured Gourmet Soft Goat Cheese

  Lodyn SRL


  Cheese from cow's milk with black garlic



     El Gran Cardenal SL


Tierra de Sabor


Buenalba raw sheep's milk


Artequeso Quesos Manchegos SL



Goat Milk Cheese Esprimijo Sudao

  Arteserena SL


Cured Camerano Cheese

    Lácteos Martínez slu

    DOP Queso Camerano


Maxorata Cured Cheese with Paprika Coating


  Grupo Ganaderos de Fuerteventura SL


    DOP Majorero


Atisian Manchego Cheese '1605 selección'

  Balcobo Agropecuaria SL

   DOP Manchego


La Payesa Cheese with DO cured in caves 12 months

  Explotaciones Pons Marín, SL



   DOP Mahón-Menorca


Artisan Manchego Cheese Añejo


Agrovillaserra, SL


DOP Manchego


Manchego DOP 10-12 months


Spanish Cheese, SL


DOP Manchego


Cheese 'La Serena' Extreme 10- Torta de la Serena

 Arteserena, SL

  DOP Queso de la Serena


Cheese Torta del Casar


Quesos Rocinante SL


DOP Torta del Casar


Truffled Sierra la Solana Sheep Cheee

 Quesos Rocinante SL



Blue Cheese La Fueya with 3 types of milk

 Teodoro García, SA



Roncari Goat Milk Cheese 45% MG

 Teodoro García, SA



El Bosqueño


Poncelet Alimentación, SL


 Parque Natural de Andalucía



 Blue Cheese Valdeón



 Consejo Regulador de la IGP protegida Queso de Valdeón



  IGP Queso de Valdeón



Blue Cheese Javier Campo



   Santander Delicatessen Consortium SL



   DOP PIcón Bejés Tresviso


  • Natural Mineral Water Rocks Premium crystal 33cl -

Aigua De Sant Aniol, S.L.U.

  • Picos Gluten Fre

Sinblat Alimentación Saludable, SL

  • Membrillo (Quince)

Yemas de Santa Teresa SA

Spanish cheese tasting

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October 11 2021






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