May 29 2023

Houston Chef Shares Tips for Making Authentic Seafood Paella

Chef Miguel Schubowitsch offers insider tips to making the perfect paella, such as finding the right pan, choosing the best rice, and using high-quality ingredients

Houston is getting ready to receive a very special guest: Spain’s former Queen Sofia, who will be in town to attend and oversee an important international event on May 17th.

The 2023 edition of the Sophia Award for Excellence will be hosted at the Museum of Fine Arts and is being organized by the Queen Sofia Spanish Institute. The goal is to celebrate Spain’s cultural contributions.

One of Spain’s most spectacular contributions is indubitably its food and drink. From jamón ibérico to its sherry, the country’s cuisine has definitely lefts its mark on the world. But one Spanish dish in particular can be seen as the protagonist: Valencian paella, and a local chef recently weighed in.

Chef Miguel Schubowitsch, from TerraMar Imports, specializes in cooking with international ingredients and wanted to share his tips for preparing the perfect Spanish paella at home. 

According to the chef, the secret to making an authentic version of this rice dish includes investing in a proper paella pan; using high-quality ingredients such as olive oil, paella rice from Spain, spices, saffron, and paella broth; and trying to allow the socarrat (the crispy that sticks to the bottom of the pan) to form.

Other important tips he offers are to ensure that the ratio of rice to liquid is correct, to include add-in like seafood or beans according to personal preferences, and using the right rice, such as Bomba, Calasparra, and Albufera.