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Oct 04 2023 19:00 - 21:00 h


ICEX/Foods and Wines from Spain in Italy is organizing this year, in cooperation with the National Organization of Cheese Tasters - O.N.A.F., a tasting exclusively for participants from Italian specialized trade and gastronomy. The Master Taster Simonetta Cortella will lead 25 professionals of the sector on a 10 Spanish cheeses journey on Wednesday, October 4th, 2023.

The tremendous variety of Spanish cheeses stems from Spain’s geographical and climatic diversity. They are made from the milk of cows, sheep, and goats, as well as a different blend of these, and in most cases, the milk is obtained from native breeds. Coagulation may be by enzymes, lactic acid or mixed, and cheeses may be round or in log format, of different sizes and with rinds of different colours – often engraved and rubbed with oil or flavoured with spices. Alongside large-scale industrial production, there are lots of small dairies producing artisan cheeses that retain their authentic characteristics and traditional flavours.

Registration of participants is compulsory and will be available from 1 September.

Duration: About 90 minutes for presentation and tasting of the cheeses + questions & answers. 

CERRATO UMAMI is a blend cheese made from pasteurized sheep's and cow's milk, aged for over 105 days under special maturation conditions. QUESOS CERRATO S.C.  
BUENALBA IN WHITE WHITE AIREN is an artisan cheese made from raw sheep's milk and blended with white wine of the Airen variety. ARTEQUESO QUESOS MANCHEGOS S.L.  
VILLAJOS CURED ARTISAN MANCHEGO D.O.P. is an artisan cheese made from 100% Manchega breed sheep's milk, which undergoes a maturation period of 6 to 12 months. AGROVILLASERRA S.L. MANCHEGO
LA PAYESA SEMI-CURED MAHÓN-MENORCA D.O.P. is made with raw cow's milk from the island of Menorca and has been aged for 2 to 3 months.  EXPLOTACIONES PONS MARIN S.L. MAHÓN-MENORCA
COINGA CURED MAHÓN-MENORCA D.O.P. This cheese is aged between 180 and 240 days, resulting in an intense and aromatic flavor. The rind is coated with olive oil and paprika. COOP INSULAR GANADERA DE MENORCA MAHÓN-MENORCA
LA CELESTINA ARTISAN CHEESE is a goat cheese in a log format made with 100% pasteurized goat milk, carefully selected from the ''Murciano-Granadina'' breed. QUESOS CORCUERA S.L.  
LA CELESTINA TENDER GOAT SPECIALITY WITH “PIMENTÓN” is made with 100% pasteurized goat milk, aged for 1 month, and coated with paprika from La Vera. QUESOS CORCUERA S.L.  
MAESTRO QUESERO AFUEGA'L PITU D.O.P. is one of the oldest varieties of cheese from Asturias. This cheese has an orange color due to the addition of paprika and it has a strong, dry, and slightly acidic flavor. CORPORACIÓN ALIMENTARIA PEÑASANTA S.A. AFUEGA´L PITU
PANDERÓN SEMI-CURED MANCHEGO D.O.P is a cheese made with black manchega sheep's milk. It has been aged for over 270 days. AGROPECUARIA DEHESA ARDALES S.L. MANCHEGO
FINCA LA CUADRA SEMI-CURED MANCHEGO D.O.P. is a cheese made from pasteurized milk, aged for approximately 3 months, and it has a distinct flavor of Manchega sheep's milk. AGROALIMENTARIA FINCA LA CUADRA SOCIEDAD LIMITADA MANCHEGO
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