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News | Jun 17 2020

Chef Dani García to Launch 2 New Dining Concepts in NYC

The chef hopes to open multiple Casa Dani and Minük restaurants, fine dining and fast casual concepts, respectively, over the next five years.

Spanish Chef Dani García

Spanish Chef Dani García is taking his cooking to New York City again. The world famous previously ran Manzanilla restaurant in the Big Apple as well as his eponymous 3 Michelin star restaurant Dani García in Marbella, on Spain’s southern coast, though both closed their doors.

He has a few projects in the works at the moment. The first is called Casa Dani, a fine dining restaurant and the other venture is Minük, a fast-casual venue. Both will open in a new 40,000-square-foot culinary space called Citizens, slated to open by the end of the year. Both restaurants will “specialize in Mediterranean flavor with a Spanish flair,” according to fastcasual.com.

García has ambitious plans for both dining concepts in the future: he’d like to open 15 Casa Dani and up to 100 Minüks over the next five years. For this project, he and his group will partner with Creating Culinary Collectives (C3) and Sam Nazarian. Said C3, "Dani is a globally renowned chef and a true culinary innovator. He and his team are an exciting complement to C3 and together we look forward to creating a new food and beverage paradigm.”

García has other projects around the world, such as restaurants like Lobito de Mar, in Marbella and Madrid, and BIBO, in Marbella, Madrid, Tarifa and Doha. He also has a catering line.

Spanish Chef Dani García
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