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News | Nov 07 2017

Castillo de Canena Expands Line of Biodynamic EVOO

Premium Spanish extra virgin olive oil producer Castillo de Canena has recently expanded its line of biodynamic oil with the addition of a 100% Arbequina oil, which joins the company's award-winning Picual biodynamic EVOO.

Arbequina has become the second variety of biodynamic olive oil made by this venerated Spanish olive oil producer, whose products have won awards all over the world for their incredible quality, aromas and taste.

The two biodynamic oils, which are certified by the International Association of Biodynamic Agriculture with the DEMETER label, represent a return to the roots of rural and archaeo-agriculture, taking things one step further than organic farming in that biodynamic agriculture is based on finding harmony between the different forces in nature, including seasons, atmospheric phenomena, lunar cycles, the constellations, soil and more. As part of the production process for these singular oils, Castillo de Canena included sheep on their estate, began manufacturing their own fertilizer through composting, installed beehives, use ground quartz in place of copper and apply additional biodynamic preparations.

Like the Picual variety, the Arbequina biodynamic EVOO is sold in a signature 500-ml bottle, adorned in white and green with a constellation of stars and the moon that represents the forces of the cosmos and the earth.

These oils form part of the company's "21st Century Oils" collection, which, along with Castillo de Canena's other extra virgin olive oils, are found in more than fifty countries across the globe.



Topics like "The evolution of the gastronomy-health binomial", "Bread, a healthy food," "Sugar, pure, white and deadly" will be addressed in the program. Adrienne Smith/@ICEX
Arbequina biodynamic EVOO by Castillo de Canena

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