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News | Dec 04 2018

High-End Tapas Served to Celebrate High-Speed Railway Connecting Spain and France

Mario Sandoval, from Spain, and Romain Fornell, from France, joined forces to offer travellers a delicious onboard experience

Train travel has never tasted to good! The high-speed railway between Spain and France celebrated its fifth anniversary with a very tasty celebration. Top chefs Mario Sandoval and Romain Fornell, from Spain and France, respectively, teamed up to offer a very special onboard meal.

Train service between the two countries began back in 2013, with an initial route connecting Barcelona and Paris. Today the railway shuttles travellers between 21 cities in Spain and France daily.

To celebrate the milestone, the chefs served a selection of high-end tapas to people on the train on November 19th to celebrate not only the connection by train, but the two countries’ shared love of food. Sandoval’s creation was a sesame taco with a creamy pepper macaron, and Fornell prepared canned cauliflower with king crab and cold foie with eel.

This event posed a challenge for Sandoval, who noted that it was difficult to cook on a moving train, and both chefs agreed that both train companies and airlines should consider offering a higher-quality culinary offer with “intense flavors and much more texture,” according to

Following the culinary feast on the train, the chefs teamed up again to offer a special meal at the Spanish Embassy in Paris, attended by journalists from both countries. Highlights included boletus edulis stew with rocoto pil-pil and pine nuts, foie gras escabeche in oloroso sherry with pickled mango and crunchy pouissin, and sea bass with a veil of tarragon and ceps with Mont Blanc.

Mario Sandoval and Romain Fornell joined forces to offer travellers a delicious onboard experience / @Renfe

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