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News | Nov 30 2018

Spain Gets Green Light to Export Grapes and More Pork Products to China

Two new protocols will allow Spanish producers to export a wider range of pork products, as well table grapes, to China

 Spain Gets Green Light to Export Grapes and More Pork Products to China

China and Spain signed two protocols during Xi Jinping’s recent visit to the latter, paving the way for table grape exports and expanding the limits on pork exports.

Until now, Spain was only authorized to export frozen meat and offal and deboned ham to China. This new protocol changes everything, allowing China to import a much larger range of products from Spain, including chilled fresh meat and cured meats such as chorizo, salchichón, ham and shoulder. Spain can also export bone-in ham to China now. This will allow Chinese consumers to access products with greater added value, and Spanish meat producers will have more access the largest market in the world.

China is an extremely interesting market as it is the world’s largest consumer of pork, accounting for approximately 50% of the total, according to europapress.es. Pork accounts for two-third of China’s total meat consumption. Spain has been working to improve its positioning over the years, and was the leading exporter of pork to China in 2017.

Following negotiations between the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and the General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China, among other parties, Spanish producers can now export table grapes to China. Until now, Spanish companies could only export citrus fruits, peaches and plums, and the main grape suppliers were Peru, Australia, South Africa, Chile and the US. Spain now hopes to join the ranks of the leading grape exporters to the Asian giant.

Spain Gets Green Light to Export Grapes and More Pork Products to China. Matías Costa / @ICEX

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