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News | Jan 02 2019

Tinned Fish From Spain, Among the Top Trends in 2018 According to Forbes

The magazine’s list of trends that reshaped restaurants and food this past year includes conservas from Spain served straight out of the tin

Tinned fish from Spain

Forbes recently published a reflective article on its website about some of the top trends that reshaped restaurants and food in 2018. The author consulted several prestigious culinary experts to narrow down the list, among them Izabela Wojcik, with the James Beard Foundation; Chef Robin Selden, with the International Caterers Association; Linda Burum, a well-known food writer; and Bret Thorn, with Nation’s Restaurant News. They whittled their original list of 55 ideas down to just 11. And one had a decidedly Spanish flavor.

They highlight how tinned fish from Spain, known as conservas, grew to be a dominant trend in 2018, many of it coming from Spain. Countless restaurants now serve it on their high-end menus, including Bazaar by José Andrés (Beverly Hills) and Cúrate (Asheville, North Carolina).

They may be served directly in the their tins, providing for a unique and authentic experience, or they may be removed and served separately. The most popular items are sardines, mackerel, anchovies and sprats, which curiously enough previously was considered low-quality, undesirable fish.

Says Wojcik in the article, “ ‘It's only a small leap from fresh to tinned, and from tinned to fabulous tapas…’ plus, using tinned fish ‘we are reminded that sustainability of seafood is critical.’ ”

Photos: iStock.


Tinned fish from Spain / @iStock

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