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Plant-based and cell-based companies.

Spanish Startups Revolutionising The 3 Pillars in the Plant-Based Protein Revolution

It has been two years since Google listed plant-based proteins as the most important trend in technology, noting that the industry is entering a revolution of replacing livestock with plant-based proteins. and not only plant-based but also cell-based, fungi and insect-based.  



The Spanish Startups Defining The Global Future of Food

The Spanish food ecosystem has been becoming more international at a fast clip and emulating global recognition in pursuit of innovative technologies. 


The Spanish Startups Defining The Global Future of Food
The Spanish startups shaping a new post-covid food supply chain at global events. Photo: Novameat

The Spanish Startups Shaping a New Post-Covid Food Supply Chain at Global Events

Spanish startups are making a name for themselves as a staple in the global food industry, and by doing so they have made their way to global stages.


The Rest Tech Players To Watch at HIP (Horeca Professional Expo)

€8,000 million will be distributed this year across sectors to reactivate the post-covid economy, but how much will go to the Horeca space?

Spanish restaurants and foodtech

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