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Ibérico pork presa in a pickle sauce


Brown the meat on a hot griddle. Cut the vegetables en brunoise, add the oil and the other ingredients. Fry lightly for 6-8 minutes. Add the meat. Cover with water and simmer for 20 minutes. Set aside to cool then leave to stand for 24 hours.

Cook the vegetables until al dente and set aside. Cover with the pickle sauce.

Spanish recipe: Ibérico pork presa in a pickle sauce. Photo by: Tomás Zarza/©ICEX.


Arrange vegetables on the plate and top with the sliced pork. Pour over a couple of spoonfuls of the pickle sauce.


Chef's Remark:

"The idea of preparing pork in a pickle sauce is common in Extremaduran traditional cooking. A very versatile dish, it can be served cold with salads and a mustard vinaigrette; with the pickling vegetables, either hot or cold; as in the recipe; on crisp slices of toast, etc."
Preparation by: Toño Pérez

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