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Cubes of crisp loin of beef with royale de foie gras, sautéed morels and green apple


For the garlic butter
Place 100 gr / 3 1/2 oz butter over a low heat until soft. Add two cloves roast garlic and mix with 65 gr / 1 lb 7 oz breadcrumbs until thick. Finish with chopped parsley and chill.

For the royale de foie gras
In the Thermomix, mix 200 gr / 7 oz foie gras with 750 ml / 3 1/4 cups / 1 1/4 pt of duck stock. Cook at 65ºC / 149ºF for 15 minutes then strain. Chill, stirring occasionally so that it cools evenly, forming a thick creamy mixture.

For the glazed apple
Make balls of apple with a ball cutter. Melt butter in a frying-pan and add sugar. Heat until starting to turn a caramel color then add the apple and sauté.

Lightly fry the mushrooms in garlic oil. (Make this by gently frying 3 cloves garlic in 250 ml /1 1/8 cups / 9 fl oz 0.1º olive oil at 70ºC / 158ºF).

Cut the loin of beef into rectangles 8 cm long and 3 cm wide. Season with salt and pepper and cover with a layer of garlic butter. Sear all over, allowing the butter to brown, then place in the oven (195ºC / 385ºF for two minutes) until pinkish.

Spanish recipe: Cubes of crisp loin of beef with royale de foie gras, sautéed morels and green apple. Photo by: Toya Legido/©ICEX.


Form a tear shape with the royale de foie gras. Serve the strips of beef. Add the apple balls with the sautéed morels and pour over a little of the meat juices. Finish the plate with a pansy flower.

Chef's Remark:

"A new way of enjoying a classic cut of beef."
Preparation by: Koldo Miranda

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