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November 15 2021

Mar 15, 2019

Ambitious Food Hall Mercado Little Spain Opens Today

The creators, José Andrés and the Adrià brothers, are determined to pay homage to the flavors of Spain, from tripe and churros to liquid olives

 Ambitious Food Hall Mercado Little Spain Opens Today

The new project from superstar trio José Andrés and Ferran and Albert Adrià, Mercado Little Spain, is making waves in so many ways. The giant food hall is slated to open today, giving New Yorkers (and tourists) the chance to savor Spanish flavors and learn all about its culture and gastronomy.

The country’s most iconic dishes will all be represented, from roast suckling pig and paella to tripe and ensaimada (a round pastry), and from traditional foods like Spanish omelet to more innovative ones like liquid olives.

Visitors will get a culinary tour of Spain without leaving the city. They’ll be able to buy chocolate and churros, coca bread, and tapas, among other products. They’ll be able to eat at Spanish Diner, a casual dining space serving dishes like gazpacho and combo plates, or Leña, which will specialize in dishes cooked over a wood-fired stove or grill, such as meats as well as paella. Mar will serve fresh fish and seafood imported from Spain. The ingredients used in the food served at Mercado Little Spain will be of the highest quality, and the overall goal will be to pay homage to artisans, chefs, fishermen, and everyone else who has been able to spread the love for Spanish food around the world.

This is a giant project, no matter how you look at it. The initial investment was 41 million dollars, the space is 3,200 square meters, and it can accommodate almost 1,200 people. It will also create 400 jobs. There are 15 kiosks, two bars and three restaurants, and the goal is to feed around 5,000 people every day.

Ambitious Food Hall Mercado Little Spain Opens Today / @ny.eater.com

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