News | Jan 03 2018

Growth Continues for Spanish Restaurants

The value of the Spanish restaurant industry has registered positive growth in 2017; continuing a  trend that has characterized the past four years in this key Spanish industry.

The Spanish restaurant industry is expected to reach a value of more than 23 billion euros by the end of 2017, according to the "Informe Especial Cadenas de Restaurantes" published recently by the Observatorio Sectorial DBK–INFORMA – a Spanish company dedicated to the supply of sectorial analysis studies.

This number represents an increase of nearly 5% with regard to 2016, when the industry was valued at some 22 billion euros. 

Traditional dining establishments with table service continue to account for well over half this figure, with much of their growth attributed to the huge influx of foreign tourists in Spain over the past few years.

Furthermore, the growth is not only limited to value, but also to offering, with nearly 80,000 restaurants registered in Spain in January of 2017 – an increase from the previous year.