News | Jul 11 2018

José Pizarro Brings his “Liquid Gold” to the United Kingdom

Acclaimed Spanish chef and the unofficial ambassador for all things related to Spanish gastronomy in the United Kingdom, José Pizarro, has launched his first extra virgin olive oil.

Spanish extra virgin olive oil by José Pizarro

This new product, which represents the chef’s first venture in extra virgin olive oil, was created in collaboration with Molino de Zafra olive mill, located in the town of Zafra (Badajóz) in Pizarro’s native Extremadura.

This single-variety, extra virgin olive oil is made from Morisca olives – a native variety once on the verge of extinction that has been revived by this traditional, family-run olive oil mill. Involved in every step of the production, Pizarro chose this variety for its intensity and rich nuances. Its aromas are deeply fruity with notes of green apple and grass; and on the palate it is silky and sweet, with a bitter and spicy finish.

Due to its characteristic low yield, just one liter of this special oil requires eleven kilograms of Morisca olives, all of which are harvested at their optimum point of ripeness.

The olive oil, which is sold under José Pizarro’s own brand, is available for purchase at the chef’s three London restaurants, as well as his online store.


Spanish extra virgin olive oil by José Pizarro

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