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News | Feb 08 2019

Novel Website to Launch in April 2019

The website will help users find the best farmers and see what they’re producing, how they do it and how their products are treated and packaged

Novel Website to Launch in April 2019

A new initiative is giving farmers the visibility they deserve. Two top chefs, Eneko Atxa and Xabi Uribe-Etxebarria have teamed up to create, the goal of which is to create a platform to highlight the best farmers in the world, i.e. those that produce the highest-quality food and who are the most respectful of the environment.

According to Atxa, in, “ is an opportunity, a place where we can show the world that there are people working for our culture, for our environment, people’s health and the planet, people with values and commitments that know how to interpret nature in a way that is fair and ethical. Those are the real stars.

And we’re cooking together for a better future!” His partner added that he has always aimed to “have a positive impact on the community [with his entrepreneurial ventures], promoting local, sustainable development. Launching this project… is an excellent opportunity to give support, and a space, to those producers who deserve it while they continue to make the world a better place”.

They revealed their new project recently at Madrid Fusión 2019 and announced the support of other culinary heavyweights such as Gastón Acurio and Joan Roca.

Users will be able to learn about the products available from the world’s best farmers, how they’re grown, treated, produced and packaged. It’s expected to go live in April of 2019.

Atxa is a Michelin star chef with restaurant projects around the world, while Uribe-Etxebarria is the founder of, an artificial intelligence company that aims to shine a light on the world best producers.

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