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Apr 28 2017

Lustau, Spearheading Sherry on a Worldwide Scale

Sherry ageing is a question of time and professional insight. Both aspects are well known by Lustau which, through managing both dimensions skillfully, has earned applause for its wines from the worldwide critique, while continuing to fill its trophy room with the most prestigious international accolades


The Emilio Lustau bodega, founded in 1896, has devoted the last quarter of a century to ageing, making and selling wines, brandies, and sherry vinegar of the highest quality. This specialisation in the premium sector has placed it in the best restaurants and wine boutiques on five continents, where it has carved a niche not only thanks to the quality of its wines but also due to international recognition reaped in numerous international competitions.

Lustau, belongs to Grupo Caballero, and prides itself on offering the widest range of Sherry and Manzanilla wines available, making over forty brands which are aged in the three cities which constitute the appellation: Jerez de la Frontera, El Puerto de Santa María and Sanlúcar de Barrameda. In order to do so, it boasts many different ranges, highlighting the Solera Reserva range, made up of wines aged by Lustau at its bodega, and Almacenista, formed by small independent viticulturists, whose wines are sold by the bodega. 

Slow and laborious process

From the time the grapes are conceived on the vines at Montegilillo and Las Cruces, until the wines are bottled, the process is both slow and laborious. In between times there is the vinification process and that one fundamental step, ageing in the bodega via the authentic process of ‘solera y criaderas’. It is this process which gives Sherry its true character and personality and allows it to present a stable quality throughout its lifetime. 

Lustau focuses its sale on the HoReCa sector. In order to do so, it stays away from large production volumes and gives priority to quality. Its sales activity is targeted mostly at exports, as it sells 85 percent of its production abroad, especially to the US, although the UK, Belgium and Germany are also among its main customers. Despite this, in recent years it has invested in the Spanish market, where its wine can be found in high-class wine boutiques and restaurants. 

The quality which Lustau has stamped on its wines has been acknowledged both at home and abroad. As an example, the many awards Lustau has received at the International Wine Challenge or the Decanter World Wine Awards over the years, and the recognition to Lustau’s oenologist Manuel Lozano, who for the sixth consecutive year  has been awarded the title of Best Fortified Winemaker, being the only wine expert who has achieved such a success in this competition.

The Emilio Lustau bodega, founded in 1896, has devoted the last quarter of a century to ageing, making and selling wines, brandies, and sherry vinegar of the highest quality Wines from Spain/©ICEX
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