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News | Sep 23 2019

Spanish Start-Up Secures Funding for 3D Printed Plant-Based Steaks

The company is a pioneer in the industry and has developed its own technology to recreate the texture and appearance of meat and fish

A Spanish start-up has just secured funding for its highly innovative product: 3D printed plant-based steaks.

The company is Novameat, and its mission is to offer consumers delicious, healthy, plant-based meat alternatives. Incredibly, it has developed new technology that allows it to recreate the texture and appearance of meats, like chicken, and also fish. According to biomedical engineer Guiseppe Scionti, who founded the company, “While I was researching on regenerating animal tissues through bioprinting technologies for biomedical and veterinary applications, I discovered a way to bio-hack the structure of the native 3D matrix of a variety of plant-based proteins to achieve a meaty texture,” according to pymtns.com.

The company broke new ground when it made the very first 3D printed plant-based beefsteak in the world, back in 2018. Now it’s looking to expand into other proteins, and the funding will be used to that end.

The company is also looking to share its tech and make these products available to others. They are offering access to plant-based meat manufacturers, providing them with the appropriate machinery and equipment.

According to a representative from New Crop Capital, the investor, “We see that there is an opportunity to shift consumer behavior to reduce consumers consumption of animal protein products to products that are at the price point that people will pay,” according to that same source.

3D Printed Plant-Based Steaks / Photo by: Novameat

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