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News | Jan 03 2019

Wine and Scuba Diving Fans Can Now Attend Underwater Tastings

This highly novel activity is available in Tenerife, and participants taste wines aged underwater and then compare them with wines produced on dry land


Many people can say they’ve been to a wine tasting, but how many can say they’ve been to an underwater wine tasting? Probably not many, as this is the very first initiative of its kind, now available to oenophiles and diving fanatics.

Innovative company La Bodega Submarina de Canarias is offering these under the sea tastings. Participants must have a passion for wine but also a basic scuba diving certification. The tastings, which are extremely intimate given the space on the submarine where they take place, feature wines from 11 different wineries that are actually aged 18 meters underwater for at least three months on the Bodega Submarina de Canarias. The wines are served with a cheese from Quesería de Arico, in Tenerife.

Following the tasting deep in the sea, participants will return to dry land for a second tasting and a snack at Bodegas Monje, in El Sauzal. The goal will be to compare the first wines with a series of other wines that are produced on land using traditional methods.

Bodega Submarina de Canarias is the first installation of its kind for aging wine underwater. It’s made of concrete and has capacity for 5,000 bottles.

The company hopes to attract tourists with this totally unique activity, where participants can take off their goggles and regulators and wine and cheese on the submarine with one-of-a-kind underwater views.

Photos and video: Bodega Submarina de Canarias


Bodega Submarina de Canarias

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