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A Culinary Rebel

Nino Redruello




Heir to the culinary prestige earned by his family after decades of success in Madrid’s La Ancha restaurants, Nino Redruello has managed to combine respect for the Spanish gastronomic tradition with a dose of rebellion; stirring things up with a string of new projects: quality and honesty at Las Tortillas de Gabino, fun and playful tapas at La Gabinoteca, a very personal consulting project at Tatel to create a version of Spanish cuisine that can cross international borders, and a laboratory in which to create and materialize his inexhaustible torrent of ideas. 


Growing up in the bosom of a family professionally tied to the gastronomy business has to leave a strong mark. From a very young age, Nino has taken in the aromas of a successful cuisine like the one presented by his parents at their original La Ancha restaurant: traditional, respectful and flavorful dishes in a bourgeoisie ambience. This nearly one-hundred-year old restaurant has always held the favor of the people of Madrid, a factor that clearly hasn't hurt Nino Redruello's aspirations and projects.

After finishing his studies at one of the most prestigious culinary schools in Spain, that of Luis Irizar in San Sebastián, Nino learned from professionals including Pedro Subijana (Akelarre), Hilario Arbelaitz (Zuberoa) and Ferran Adrià (elBulli). In fact, it was during his stage at the latter that Nino would meet someone who years later would become his business partner, Patxi Zumarraga. After finishing the stage at elBulli, Nino returned to Madrid with the idea of creating new restaurant concepts. And so Las Tortillas de Gabino was born, a restaurant whose menu reflects a careful selection of ingredients, but in a more casual setting than La Ancha. This was followed by La Gabinoteca, a very personal project for Nino into which he pours all of his creativity, youthfulness, playfulness and festive spirit into a clear protagonist: tapas. With this project, Nino has managed to create a model of a tapas restaurant that is unique to Madrid, and that caught the eye of "celebrity chef" Anthony Bourdain. La Gabinoteca was one of two establishments in Madrid (together with David Muñoz's Diverxo) chosen by Bourdain to appear in the episode of his show No Reservations about the Spanish capital.

Thanks to the episode of No Reservations, tables at La Gabinoteca began to fill up with tourists from all over the world that had added this restaurant to their list of must-visit establishments in Madrid. These customers included a group of young entrepreneurs from Athens who offered Nino the chance to create a similar restaurant in the Greek capital. La Gabinoteca Athens opened its doors in 2014, offering the best Spanish tapas along with a hefty dose of creativity from the duo of Nino Redruello and Patxi Zumarraga.

In 2015 Nino received a call from a business group with an offer that would have been extremely difficult to refuse: that of creating the menu for a new Madrid restaurant named Tatel, which from the very beginning had an eye on international expansion. Opened in May of 2015, the restaurant's partners are already studying the possibility of opening similar establishments in other world capitals. In addition to the culinary expertise of Nino Redruello, this project is backed by several Spaniards that are extremely well known on the international scene: singer Enrique Iglesias and athletes Rafa Nadal, Pau Gasol and Rudy Fernández. It is no easy task, but even so Nino has managed to create a menu where his culinary personality shines through, featuring Spanish recipes and carefully chosen seasonal Spanish products, all infused with a touch of playfulness, festivity and fun that oozes through the kitchen doors to make its way to the front of the house staff and finally to the tables themselves. 

2015 is also the year that another of Nino's projects got underway: a culinary laboratory where the chef and his team spend hours studying different ways to improve the management of the restaurants, design innovative proposals to continue to grow as a group of businesses, create new dishes and test new recipes over and over again before achieving the desired result and adding the dish to a restaurant's repertoire.

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