1.- Promote greater knowledge of the restaurant in the country and boost occupation rates.

  •  Preference for holding events related to Spain in your establishments depending on its capacity and availability. 
  • Recommendation for Spanish companies with interests in the market to hold their meetings and/or events in your establishment, in addition to product promotions, etc.

2.- Provide access to producers so they can extend their offer of Spanish products.

  • Agile access to more providers of Spanish products. This is a service offered by the Spanish Economic and Commercial Offices in each market and provides a priority service. 
  • Invitation to participate in new product sampling and tasting events. 
  • Information on new products in the market. 


3.- Favor greater skills attainment in your team.

  • Access for your staff to the Spain's Pantry online training program and to the full Spanish Gastronomy Training program, including live training in Spain.


4.- Promotion of the restaurant through our communications media.

  • Inclusion in Spanish and international promotional material distributed to visitors at trade fairs and events organized by ICEX.


Restaurants Certification Benefits