1.- Promote greater knowledge of the restaurant in the country and boost occupation rates.

  •  Preference for holding events related to Spain in your establishments depending on its capacity and availability. 
  • Recommendation for Spanish companies with interests in the market to hold their meetings and/or events in your establishment, in addition to product promotions, etc.

2.- Provide access to producers so they can extend their offer of Spanish products.

  • Agile access to more providers of Spanish products. This is a service offered by the Spanish Economic and Commercial Offices in each market and provides a priority service. 
  • Invitation to participate in new product sampling and tasting events. 
  • Information on new products in the market. 


3.- Favor greater skills attainment in your team.

  • Access for your staff to the Spain's Pantry online training program and to the full Spanish Gastronomy Training program, including live training in Spain.
  • Access to the Spanish Wine Specialist course, online course for sommeliers, and the option of taking part in the advanced Spanish Wine Certified Educator course, including live training in Spain.

  • Access to Spanish Ham Carving Masterclasses: courses are organised by the main trade associations of both ibérico and serrano ham in different countries around the world. Participants will have the opportunity to receive both theory (elaboration process, regulations, nutritional aspects, etc.) and practical sessions (hand-carving knife skills) to achieve a deeper knowledge and expertise of Spanish hams


4.- Promotion of the restaurant through our communications media.

  • Inclusion in Spanish and international promotional material distributed to visitors at trade fairs and events organized by ICEX.


Restaurants Certification Benefits