Mar 17 2023

New Documentary Series “The Secrets of Spain” Highlights Andalusian Gastronomy

A brother-sister duo will take viewers on an adventure through southern Spain to share its unique gastronomic products in this show, that will be broadcasted on Discovery Plus and Cooking Channel

A new culinary program will take viewers on an adventure through the Spanish region of Andalusia. “The Secrets of Spain” will premiere on March 20th and will offer people a close-up look at its gastronomic history and the wide variety of unique ingredients available there. It will appear on Discovery Plus and the Cooking Channel.

The journey with be led by chef and restaurateur Giaconda Scott and her brother George, who has a strong understanding of Spain’s food industry and is also an olive farmer. Although they were born in England, they were raised in Spain, specifically in Cazalla de la Sierra (Seville). They will travel to off-the-beaten-path locations in a bid reveal, as the name suggests, the many secrets of South Spain.

The duo will seek to help establish Andalusia as a must-see culinary destination, making stops at a wide variety of places, from roadside truck stops to markets and restaurants. They will meet up with an award-winning Ibérico ham carver, connect with a sherry expert, and sample custard sweets that have been made since 1300. They’ll travel from the salt flats in Sanlúcar de Barrameda to Villamanrique de la Condesa, in Huelva, and many places in between in this unique documentary series that shines a bright light on a part of Spain, and parts of its gastronomy, that many people don’t know about.