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Dec 30 2021

Asturian Cider, a Big and Refreshing Splash 

This traditional drink from Asturias is made from apples and is best served in its own distinctive way.

Asturias is synonymous with cider, which is a symbol of identity for this small region in the north of Spain. Asturian cider has its own protected designation of origin (PDO) and production begins with the apple trees (pomaradas) where the fruit is collected, and continues in the cider mill (llagar) where it’s turned into cider.

Perhaps the most curious aspect of this refreshing low-alcohol drink is that is should be poured into the glass from a certain height to be fully enjoyed. This is called escanciar and the goal is to “wake up” the carbonic gas in the drink. Pouring this interesting drink the “right” way is tricky, so don't feel disappointed if the first time you do it the cider spills all over the floor instead of ending up in your glass! Its acidic, refreshing flavor pairs fantastically with Asturian cheeses, like intense blue Cabrales, as it cleans the palate after each bite. As the say in Asturias, ¿Préstate? (Do you like it?)

 Cider Infography




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