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Sep 09 2019

Video: Castillo de Canena Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Join us as we learn more about Castillo de Canena, one of Spain’s most-awarded extra virgin olive oil producers. Its premium extra virgin olive oils have snapped up dozens of prestigious awards, in Spain and abroad.

It would be hard to find someone either in Spain or abroad that’s a fan of Spanish extra virgin olive oil and that has not heard of Castillo de Canena. After all, not only has this family-owned company been making olive oil for nine generations, but its products are also found in more than fifty countries across the globe.

Furthermore, these accomplishments are in addition to the fact that the premium extra virgin olive oils made by Castillo de Canena have snapped up dozens of prestigious awards from the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Flos Olei, and other important international competitions and journals—accolades that have recognized both the quality of its oils, as well as the company’s dedication to environmental concerns and social responsibility.

Most surprising perhaps, is that despite the family’s deep roots in the Spanish region of Jaén (Andalusia), it has found a way to bring the traditions and knowledge of the past together with a dedication to creating innovative products that appeal to the most discerning and modern of international palates.

Castillo de Canena’s current product lines include the Family Reserve and First Day of Harvest selections, a Biodynamic Picual, the Early Royal (made from the very local olive variety Royal), Arbequino Oil Delicately Smoked, Harissa Olive Oil, the incredibly innovative Plankton Olive Oil that is infused with sea phytoplankton, and three interesting collections: Horizontal Tasting, which consists of three Arbequina oils collected in different months (October, November and December); the Arbequina & Co line of four extra virgin olive oils infused with 0.5% essential oils from flowers, fruits and plants; and the Arbequina & World selection of four extra virgin olive oils infused with different spices inspired by the ancient Spice Routes.

In this video, Managing Director Francisco Vañó takes us on a tour of the family’s ancestral castle, its olive groves and mills, which are located in the lush Guadalquivir River Valley near the historic Spanish cities of Úbeda and Baeza. Along the way, he helps explain why Castillo de Canena’s extra virgin olive oils are considered some of the finest in the world.   

Text: Adrienne Smith/ @ICEX.


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