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Sep 18 2019

Video: Grupo Tello, Spanish Meat From Our Farm to Your Table

Founded more than fifty years ago by Eusebio Tello in the province of Toledo (Castile-La Mancha), this meat company is going stronger than ever, with a loyal and growing consumer base both in Spain and abroad.


Today, Grupo Tello sells its wide range of fresh, cooked, cured or roasted meats in more than fifty countries on five continents, thanks in part to its network of overseas delegations—the first of which opened in Beijing—and an export trajectory that began well over a decade ago. 

Despite its huge catalog of products, the star of this company’s show continues to be its pork products, and specifically its top-quality cured Spanish cured hams, which tempt palates all over the world. Additional products that have been particularly popular among international customers include cured meats like chorizo and salchichón.

Grupo Tello can attribute much of its success to a long-term export strategy based on continually adapting itself to changing market demands, while emphasizing the design and development of new products. The company has also invested heavily in building marketing plans for its consumers and markets—efforts that pay off in terms of educating consumers about its products.

Here to tell us a little more about the present and future of this visionary Spanish company is its international manager Javier Briones.

Text: Adrienne Smith/ @ICEX.


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