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Jul 02 2019

Mariscal & Sarroca, a Success Story from the Foods & Wines from Spain Store on Amazon

The company has had international aspirations since day one, a clear commitment to online sales, and a fearless attitude when competing with bigger fish. This micro SME operates on Foods & Wines from Spain's five marketplaces on Amazon.

It was created with the idea of expanding internationally. That was one of the requirements of Yolanda Sarroca and Antonio Mariscal when they launched their company more than five years ago. They said it and they did it. The goal was to sell high-quality Spanish fine food products. The medium was the Internet. The dream: go head-to-head with large distributors. The result: Mariscal & Sarroca has become the first Spanish company to sell its products on all five of the Food & Wines from Spain stores on Amazon, in Germany, the UK, France, Italy and Spain.

After talking with Yolanda Sarroca, you quickly realize she's the quintessential entrepreneur, convinced of the advantages of using an online presence for exports and with a clear international vision. When she and her husband launched the Gourmet Food Spain UK website, the main focus was on the UK, which was already familiar with their company. "Our first objective was the UK, but soon an opportunity came along to look to Dubai, an attractive market for gourmet products, thanks to a project led by ICEX Spain Trade & Investment," she tells us.

Spanish chorizo. Photo: Mariscal & Sarroca

At that moment, Yolanda and Antonio laid the foundation for their current company: they have a brick-and-mortar store in the Catalan town of Altafulla, they're also using traditional export methods, and they have become distributors committed to online sales, both in Spain and in Europe.

At that point, another factor comes into play: ICEX and Foods & Wines from Spain's plan to open their own store on Amazon, focusing on several European markets. Yolanda viewed joining Amazon, and having the advice and promotional support of a government institution like ICEX, as an interesting opportunity.

"Today we're proud to say we have received more than 1,000 orders in less than a year on Amazon and we are the first micro SME to sell its gourmet food products in the five countries where the Food & Wines from Spain store on Amazon operates," said Yolanda. Do you remember your first order? "Of course, it was for chorizo. A few months later, we were receiving four to six orders a day, and during the holiday season, those orders multiplied. For a small company like ours, that's a major success."

Spanish quince paste. Photo: Mariscal & Sarroca

Currently, 17% of total sales come from the Amazon store, but what are the most popular products? "It's interesting. We started out selling chorizo and today this traditional Spanish product is still one of our bestsellers." This data varies, though, depending on the market: "In Italy, our most popular product is foie; in the UK, consumers love chorizo and quince, the same as in Germany."

All Mariscal & Sarroca products included in the Foods & Wines from Spain store catalog on Amazon are sold under its brand, and the company has meticulously sought out the very best suppliers in Spain. As for future challenges, Yolanda says: "We're about to include a surprising range of traditional canned foods from Spain in our catalog, and they will be available on all five Amazon platforms where the Food & Wines from Spain store operates." We'll be watching, because no doubt they will be delicious and of parallel quality to their cold cuts, Ibérico ham, cheese, olive oil, marmalades... that European consumers already love.

Text: Rodrigo García Fernández/@ICEX

Translation: Samara Kamenecka/@ICEX

Photos: Mariscal & Sarroca

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