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Apr 12 2021

What Does Navarra Taste Like?

Navarre is much more than the San Fermin festival; it's also a leading agrifood and gastronomic powerhouse.

Navarra flavors. @ICEX


Navarre is a small region in the north of Spain and is home to a wide range of diverse climates and landscapes: in the north are the Pyrenees with their lush evergreen valleys, the central area is mountainous and the south is called Ribera del Ebro, home to fertile orchards. This gives rise to a delicious selection of foods, such as cheeses (DO Idiazabal and DO Roncal); beef and lamb (PGI Ternera de Navarra and PGI Cordero de Navarra, respectively); and outstanding vegetables like asparagus, artichokes and piquillo peppers, protected by quality seals (PGI Espárrago de Navarra, PGI Alcachofa de Tudela, and PDO Pimiento del Piquillo de Lodosa, respectively).

Few people realize that very high quality extra virgin olive oil is produced in this region in the north of Spain, with its own Protected Designation of Origin, the main varieties being Arróniz, Empeltre and Arbequina.

As for wine, DO Navarra is known for producing excellent reds, white and roses, which captivate all who try them. And for those people who drink spirits, Navarre offers Pacharán, a traditional drink made from sloe berries.

Navarre is known around the world for the San Fermin festival and for the author Ernest Hemingway, who traveled around and became enamored of the region. However, Navarre is much more than this. It's also an agrifood powerhouse with a delicious gastronomy and culinary repertoire that combines tradition, avant-garde cuisine and a very established pintxos culture.


Text: Rodrigo García Fernández /@ICEX

Translation: Samara Kamenecka/@ICEX


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