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News | Sep 26 2016

Spanish Chef Martín Berasategui and Grup Balfegó Unite

Seven Michelin star Spanish chef Martín Berasategui has signed on as the world ambassador of Balfegó bluefin tuna.


The first project undertaken by the new union of Spanish company Grup Balfegó and internationally acclaimed chef Martín Berasategui is the short film entitled: Mar de Sueños, una vida entre atunes rojos (Sea of Dreams, a life among bluefin tuna). The film, which stars Berasategui alongside Manel and Pere Vicent Balfegó – cousins, co-presidents of Grupo Balfegó and each the skipper of his own tuna fishing boat –, tells the story of this family business (now in the hands of the fifth generation of fishermen) and its relationship with bluefin tuna, placing particular emphasis on the company's commitment to the responsible and sustainable fishing of this species – a philosophy that is shared by Berasategui.

The film, which was created by Romero Artero and produced by Rafael Endeiza for Attic, brings together two passions: the Balfegó's passion for the sea and fishing, and Berasategui's passion for cooking; and shows how they materialize in the same goal: to offer clients the highest quality product, procured using the greatest standards of respect for the product itself, as well as the environment.

In addition to this short film, which premiered in Barcelona last week, the Balfegó-Berasategui team will continue adding other joint projects to their repertoire. Additionally, Berasategui, who has been a customer of Balfegó for some time now, will continue to create dishes for his menu using bluefin tuna. One such dish is his Aceitunas verdes y negras con tartar de atún rojo Mediterráneo Balfegó, alcaparras y mostaza (Green and back olives with Balfegó Mediterranean bluefin tuna, capers and mustard).

About Grup Balfegó

Grup Balfegó is one of the world's leading companies in the capture, research and sale of bluefin tuna. The company is dedicated to promoting the historic and cultural importance of this great fish and promoting the need for good fishing policies and responsible practices to insure its continued survival. Grup Balfegó exports approximately 90% of its bluefin tuna all over the world, and particularly to Europe, Japan and the United States.


Spanish Chef and Bluefin Tuna Company Star in Short Film Adrienne Smith/©ICEX

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