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News | May 18 2020

Ayanto Launches New Innovative Creation: Mojo Picón Pearls

These spherifications, which can be paired with a wide range of dishes, are hard on the outside, liquid on the inside and explode in the mouth.

Mojo picón pearls by Ayanto.

There’s a new, innovative product hitting store shelves and it encapsulates the flavors of Spain’s Canary Islands. This product, from the company Ayanto, is the result of years of research and development: Mojo picón pearls.

Mojo picón is a condiment that is typical of the Islands, can be red or green and is sometimes spicy. It’s typically served with boiled potatoes and meat, though it’s the perfect accompaniment for myriad dishes, and it’s made with water, salt, olive oil, breadcrumbs, paprika, chilies, cumin and garlic, or some variation thereof.

After two years working on this creation, the company has come up with just the right density, flavor, texture and consistency. These mojo picón pearls are hard on the outside, liquid on the inside and they explode in the mouth. They’re sure to be a hit on gourmet store shelves and with top chefs.

The project set out to imitate the shape and texture of fish eggs to create a sort of mojo picón caviar. The company used spherification to do this, which is a popular technique among leading chefs as it allows them to encapsulate a flavor and then allow it to appear “suddenly” in the mouth.

Just like traditional mojo picón sauce, these pearls are suitable for pairing with everything from fish and seafood to roasted cheese and can be served as a topping on salad, pizza, hummus and savory crepes, among other dishes. They can also be added as a garnish.



Mojo picón pearls by Ayanto.

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