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News | Sep 10 2018

Science and Technology for the Marine and Food Industry, the Focus in Galicia

A special event is being organized to discuss issues such as food safety, food sector trends, new technologies, and sustainable food processing

Science and Technology

 ANFACO-CECOPESCA is organizing the 4th Forum on Science and Technology, entitled “Innovation and Biotechnology for a More Competitive and Sustainable Marine and Food Sector,” to be held in Galicia on September 10th.

This event aims to be the primary platform for transfering scientific knowledge to the marine and food industry, and primarily caters to professionals and academics involved in the competitive and sustainable development of the industry. Around 130 people are expected to attend.

The event will be organized into five areas: sustainable food processing, food safety, food and health, food sector trends, and new technologies in processing, preservation and packaging. Speakers will mainly be leading environmental and industrial hygiene companies and members of the scientific community and the European Food Safety Authority.

Another activity will be organized in conjunction, specifically an exhibition space called “Technological solutions in food safety.” It will be organized within the Internovamarket Food project framework, and it will showcase solutions from biotech companies for the marine and food industry.

Science and Technology

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