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News | Jul 03 2019

Tropical Fruit Producer in Spain Creates Innovative Avocado Packaging

Alcoaxarquia, which is based in Málaga, has created a 100% compostable natural fiber mesh for its avocados as it works to eliminate all plastic by 2020


Avocado packaging is getting an environmentally friendly upgrade, thanks to the innovative efforts of Alcoaxarquia, a company based out of Málaga. This firm, which specializes in tropical fruit and operates in both Spain and Peru, is using a new kind of packaging for its avocados that’s making waves.

Its meshes are 100% compostable natural fiber, made from corn waste. Said the company, “We launched this initiative three years ago when we saw the need to bet on a more sustainable project,” according to freshplaza.com. Their goal is to eliminate all plastic by 2020. To that end, they will begin replacing the plastic packaging machines for ones that use compostable containers this summer.

It also has plans to use laser labeling and is currently preparing the first shipments, to be sent to Austria and Germany, where there is considerable demand.

This forward-thinking, environmentally sustainable plan was recently presented at the Smart Agrifood Summit in Málaga.


Spanish avocado trees fields. @ICEX

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