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News | Jul 01 2022

Carmencita Launches Herb and Spice School to Show its Versatility in Cuisine

The brand is looking to teach student chefs about the organoleptic qualities, versatility and best way to use spices and herbs

Leading spice and aromatic herb producer, Carmencita, has embarked on an exciting new adventure. The company has essentially created a training program, which seeks to teach student chefs all about this integral part of cooking. It’s part of a larger strategy from the brand which seeks to increase the use of spices in haute cuisine, which also promoting innovation and creativity.

It kicked off officially at Cardenal Herrera University’s Gastronomy and Culinary Management Faculty, and the classes were given by representatives from Carmencita specializing in culinary R&D and quality.

Carmencita Spices

The brand has plans to go one step further by setting up a Spice School at its facilities in Novelda, Alicante, where it expects to welcome chefs from the best restaurants in Spain and also abroad.

Students will learn all about the organoleptic qualities and versatility of aromatic herbs and spices as well as the best way to use them.

This project clearly shows the company’s firm commitment to training student chefs as a means not only to promote the use of spices and herbs, but also excellence, innovation, and creativity. It has been so successful thus far that Carmencita is talking to prestigious culinary schools throughout Spain that are interested in offering the training to their students.

Carmencita Spices School
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