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News | Dec 04 2018

Cinco Jotas Cooking Challenge Names a Winner

Basque Culinary Student Claudia García Ascacibar won the competition with her creative Keizaki Ibérico dish

Cinco Jotas Cooking Challenge Names a Winner

A winner has been named in the Cinco Jotas Cooking Challenge: Claudia García Ascacibar. Organized by the Basque Culinary Center (BCC) and held on November 29th, this event aims to put Ibérico ham in the spotlight by rewarding the chef that uses it the best in his or her recipe.

Gastronomy and Culinary Arts students competed in this event, and García took home a scholarship to cover the cost of one year at the BCC. Participants had to use Cinco Jotas 100% acorn-fed Ibérico ham in their creations. They were judged by a prestigious panel which included food journalist Cristina Rodríguez, BCC professor Adrián Leonelli, and Michelin star chef Pedro Subijana.

Garcia’s winning creation, called Keizaki Ibérico, was inspired in Japanese cooking and included a gzoya (with hoisin sauce, shiitake mushrooms and Cinco Jotas Ibérico ham shank), a false nigiri (using squid instead of rice, a gel with roasted lemons and honey, and a slice of ham) and a maki (which included a slice of ham, rice with avocado and wasabi, asparagus in olive oil and tomato pearls with thyme). The judges were particularly impressed by the creativity of her dish, the execution, the presentation on the plate, how well the ingredients worked together, and her oral presentation.

Cinco Jotas Cooking Challenge Names a Winner / @Cinco Jotas

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