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News | Nov 28 2019

New Book, Delicioso: A History of Spanish Food, to Hit Bookstore Shelves

This new book from Maria José Sevilla explores how different cultures and the arrival of different products have shaped Spanish cuisine.

New Book, Delicioso: A History of Spanish Food, to Hit Bookstore Shelves

An excellent new book on Spanish cuisine is coming to a bookstore near you later this year. Delicioso: A History of Spanish Food, by Maria José Sevilla, is a more than 300-page deep dive into the influence of various cultures on the development of Spanish cuisine, from the Greeks and Romans to the Jews and Moors.

This unique book is the first of its kind to fully trace the lengthy and interesting history of Spanish food, from antiquity until present day. Sevilla talks about the positive impact of topography, geography and climate on the country’s foods and food traditions, and she also takes a look at regional cuisine from Catalonia, Andalusia, Galicia, and the Basque Country, among other part of Spain.

Its culinary offer has been evolving constantly, and has been “shaped by the country’s complex history, as foreign occupations brought religious and cultural influences that determined what people ate and still eat,” according to the book synopsis.

Sevilla explores the entry of food products from other countries, like beans, cocoa and potatoes, and their incorporation into the country’s culinary repertoire, as well as a wide range of products and traditions, from eggplants and pomegranates to pork fat, “skillfully [weaving] together the history of Spanish cuisine, the circumstances affecting its development and characteristics, and the country’s changing relationship with food and cookery.”

The London-based author has published several other books, including Mediterranean Flavours and Spain on a Plate.


New Book, Delicioso: A History of Spanish Food, to Hit Bookstore Shelves
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