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News | Sep 13 2019

Despesque 2019 Shines a Light on the Sustainability of the Sea

This event, organized by chef Ángel León, will bring together experts, environmentalists and chefs to share strategies on sustainability


Everyone is heading to Barbate, Cádiz for Despesque 2019, which will be held on September 16th. Now in its second edition, this event will bring together experts on the environment and the food industry as well as chefs to advance their “sustainable revolution.”

Says chef Ángel León, of Aponiente restaurant, a driving force  behind this event, “Gastronomy will bring together all of the industries involved in the future of Planet Earth… We must reflect on the future of the sea and the role we must play in gastronomy,” according to apicius.es.

This year more than 80 chefs, most of them with Michelin stars, will come together to discuss progress, setbacks and strategies for sustainability. They will come from all over the world, including Peru, the US, Colombia, Portugal and Slovenia, and they will address issues such as preservation of the sea, local product consumption, food and environmental training and education, the promotion of research to seek out new types of food, and best environmental practices in agriculture, livestock breeding and fishing, among others.

According to the environmental coordinator at Aponiente, “This is a unique opportunity to adopt new measures and contribute to the sustainability of the planet, leveraging gastronomy as a leader, with the help of the industry and scientific knowledge to create a set of rules and ask for the world’s help and commitment.”

Ángel León and his restaurant Aponiente.

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