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News | Nov 26 2019

Murcia Named Spanish Capital of Gastronomy for 2020

The city will organize 1,001 activities over the course of the year, from tapas routes and vegetable museums to a fruit and vegetable festival.

Murcia Named Spanish Capital of Gastronomy for 2020


The latest innovations in gastronomy were in the spotlight recently as part of the InnoFòrum Awards in Barcelona, which sought to recognize unique products on the culinary scene. They were held as part of the multi-day Barcelona Gastronomic Forum, which ended on November 20th and included a range of activities, from conferences and speakers to workshops. Around 300 companies participated in the event.

As for the innovation contest, winners included xuixo ice cream (xuixo being a typical pastry from Girona) from the company Cupio Elaborats de Territorri, which was named the Most Innovative Product, while the line of sobrassadas (raw, cured sausage used as a spread) from Xesc Reina received the Most Creative Packaging award. Can Bech’s Secreto Ibérico was distinguished as the Most Original Flavor. Other products included edible leaves and flowers, sweets made with dried tomatoes, mussels preserved in Albariño vermouth sauce, vegan alioli cheese, and barbeque meatballs.

The theme of the forum was “(Re)thinking gastronomy,” the goal of which was to encourage industry professionals to reflect on the current situation in the industry, promote businesses that are focused on sustainability, and recognize talent. Participants included Oliver Peña, Javier Estévez, Lucía Freitas, María José San Román, and Carme Ruscalleda, among others. In total, 45 chefs participated with a total of 31 Michelin stars.

Murcia Named Spanish Capital of Gastronomy for 2020
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