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News | Sep 16 2021

Dabiz Muñoz Takes Home The Best Chef Top100 Award

Spanish chefs appeared throughout the list of the top 100, which included Andoni Aduriz, Joan Roca, Paco Roncero and Eneko Atxa, among others

The official winners of The Best Chef Awards for 2021 have been announced at a special ceremony held in Amsterdam and, unsurprisingly, Spanish names appeared throughout the list of the top 100. As for the special awards, Dabiz Muñoz, from DiverXo restaurant, received a prestigious distinction: The Best Chef Top100 Award powered by Perlage, and The Best Chef Science Award powered by LSG Group went to Joan Roca for his commitment to “research, experimental techniques and transformation.” Andoni Luis Aduriz, from famed Mugaritz restaurant, saw his position jump from 45 last year to number 3 this year.

Dabiz, named the best chef in the world

Other Spanish names that appeared on the list after Dabiz (1st), Andoni (3rd) and Joan (4th) included the trio from Disfrutar restaurant in Barcelona (6th), Martin Berasategui (28th), Eneko Atxa (31st), Paco Roncero (45th), Ángel León (48th), Paco Morales (54th), Quique Dacosta (57th), Jordi Cruz (59th), Antonio Romero (87th), and Diego Guerrero (89th). Muñoz was thrilled with the distinction, saying the award is like “a dream come true, which recognizes many years of creativity, dedication, passion and hard work.” The Best Chef is a project that aims to recognize the most talented chefs and food experience creators in the world and bring together like-minded people interested in unique culinary experiences.

Dabiz Muñoz, The Best Chef 2021
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